About the Artist

I was an art major at the University of Guam, however I was not what you would call a 
conventional student... I started college in 2006 as a freshman, at the age of 50.  I originally 
started taking the art classes to unwind between the other  classes and just relax a little, 
but quickly discovered I really enjoyed the work.  After that, I included several art classes in 
my schedule each semester, and even took classes during the summers and intercessions.  
This enabled me to finish two degrees in three years, by December of 2009.  I followed a fairly 
traditional path of study, with some works in pencil, charcoal, and pastels, but mainly with 
acrylics and ceramics.  I hope you enjoy my work.  I know that I sure enjoyed doing it! 
Mr Young.jpg

I look around me every day and see the fantastic magnificence that is the tropics.  From the
stunning details of a single flower, to the breathtaking views across the island, and along the
coastlines.  The quiet and peacefulness of a tropical island paradise are still here to be
discovered.   As an artist I am trying to convey the beauty of  my island home to those who
view my work.