Monday, July 16, 2012

Trimmed and decorated...

The students were busy with their place settings today giving me a little time to trim these by hand, (didn't want to drag the wheel out).
Tried out a new cheese slicer for this faceted vase.

Basketweave stamp and a cheese slicer made this bowl turn out ok.

I bought this big, 4 stamp block the last time I was in the States. It works pretty nice.

This one was shorter than the last one, so the large stamp wouldn't fit between the ridges. :-/ I used a button and a stamp I made, to decorate all the way 'round this cup.

I have about 200 pieces waiting for bisque and glaze, but want to have 4-500 pieces by the time a kiln arrives. I want to have a good selection for my first solo outing, sometime before Christmas. Now I have to order some glazes - lots of glazes...

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  1. I like the foot on that pot and the block stamp is nice... do you remember where it came from and was it intended as a clay tool?

  2. The second picture? Or the fourth? I thought both feet turned out pretty good, although the top one was a bit rougher. The block stamp came from Michael's craft supply store in California, and is just a block with rubber ink stamps on four sides. It wasn't made for clay, but leaves a nice design! I usually use a 1.5" dowel ( classroom rolling pin) on the inside, and roll the clay across the face of the stamp. Makes it interesting to do that without deforming the pot. I'll post pics of some of the stamps I got from Michael's last summer. There are some interesting ones...